Cars nappy wallet

Cars nappy wallet

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Cars nappy wallet 



Our Funky handmade nappy wallets feature deep wide pockets to fill with all of bubs needs, with a Velcro tab top to not have anything fall out, and a Velcro tab closure to open and close one handed fantastic if you have a wriggler like me!


As a mummy myself I've designed these nappy wallets for practicality ~first and foremost~, convenience and of course looking pretty.  They are great to keep everything together in a nappy bag or as a back up in the car or for those quick trips out and about.


🦋They can comfortably fit 🦋

3-4 nappies

Large pack of wipes

Nappy bags

Powders and creams



Plus more


I've attached to display what they can hold,  I have used a full large packet of wipes, 3 toddler sized nappies, creams and a 50 pack of nappy bags and there is still room inside for more.

Ive used mine to put a change of clothes and medicines and even the odd occasion of bottles and formula ( I just took a smaller pack of wipes!) 

- note these come empty-


Great gifts and come in many prints, get in touch if you'd like something more specific.


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